Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At St Michael's Church of England School we want our children to be happy. In our safe and nurturing Christian environment we cater for the whole child. Our Christian values help children show respect, care and resilience to then make a positive contribution to the world in which we live.


Our Mission

At St Michael’s School, children’s happiness and their learning are central to everything we do. We aim to serve our community by providing care and education of the highest quality on a solid foundation of Christian values.  We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experiences we offer to all of our children.


Our school values underpin our day to day lives;

  • Generosity: We gladly share our things, our time and our love.
  • Courage: We bravely face new challenges with the support of God, our family and our friends.
  • Friendship: We trust, help and support each other.
  • Perseverance:We work hard to achieve our aspirations and never give up.
  • Love: We put others before ourselves and value the love that we receive.
  • Respect:We are thoughtful and considerate to ourselves, others and the environment.


Our school community work together to provide a nurturing and creative learning environment for our children. Within a climate of high expectation and challenge, all children are guided, supported and inspired to fulfil their potential during their time at school and in their life ahead.

We value our partnership with parents and carers very highly and encourage them to take an active role in all aspects of school life. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which everyone feels comfortable and welcome.