We begin teaching the skills needed for writing in Nursery, building in opportunities for mark making, and developing the physical skills needed such as motor control and core strength. In the term before our Nursery children start in Reception, we begin activities from our Read Write Inc phonics programme so that they can make a strong start in their reading and writing from the very first week of Reception.

We then use Read Write Inc to teach phonics, reading and writing from Reception and into Year 2, making sure that children have a very strong understanding of the basics of writing such as writing simple sentences using capital letters and full stops and forming letters correctly. We use the Read Write Inc Get Writing Programme for this and the writing is matched to the book the children are reading and to their phonic knowledge.

 From Year 2 upwards, we use Literacy Tree for our teaching of English. Literacy Tree is used across the UK and globally and is an award-winning educational platform. All of the Literacy Tree resources use high-quality children’s books, and for Writing, we follow their Teach Through a Text approach to ensure there is consistency throughout the school. It also supports high levels of engagement as it immerses children in the text whilst covering the objectives fully in the curriculum. The text choices are an important part of this as well - many link to aspects of History or the world in which we live and encourage deep discussions linked to our values as a school. The texts used also represent diversity in both authors and in content, ensuring that our children experience life in modern Britain and the wider world.

Below, you can click on the links to see the progression of skills in writing from Reception to Year 6  as well as the long term overview of texts and genres of writing from Year 2 to Year 6. 


Writing Skills and Knowledge Progression

Long Term Curriculum Plan for Year 2 to Year 6 - Genres of writing and key texts used

https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/read-write-inc-phonics-guide/  - Click here for lots of information about how your child will begin to learn the skills of reading and writing in Read Write Inc Phonics and ways to support them at home.