Our Curriculum Vision

The main aims of our St Michael’s curriculum are:

  • Teaching a full broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Fostering a love of reading;                    
  • Ensuring each child moves quickly from learning to read to reading to learn;
  • Embracing our history-rich and beautiful local landscape and all it has to offer;
  • Developing our children’s cultural capital in museums, theatres, cities and art galleries;
  • Celebrating diversity;
  • Protecting and nurturing the environment and becoming global citizens.
  • Ensuring inclusion and ensuring all children have equal opportunity to succeed. 

 At St Michael’s CE School, we aim to educate our children for “Life in all its fullness” (John 10:10), nurturing each individual in their development from Nursery to Year Six into confident, skilled, resilient young people, who have a love of learning and a curiosity and excitement to move on to new adventures.

Within a climate of inclusion, high expectation, ambition and challenge, we aim to provide a rich and engaging curriculum in which all of our children are guided, supported and inspired to fulfil their potential.

Starting with ensuring that our curriculum delivers each child’s entitlement to the full National Curriculum, we have developed our curriculum to meet the needs of our particular school context. We promote motivation, growth mindset and a love of learning and teach our children that the world is theirs to explore and that nothing is out of their reach. As a small, rural school, we aim to build on our children’s cultural capital and provide rich opportunities to embrace and learn about other communities and cultures, visit new places, in cities and contrasting localities, as well as celebrating and learning from the rich opportunities and wonderful natural landscape of our own community and locality.

Skills and knowledge are built upon from EYFS to Year Six in all subject areas, with a readiness for all that will be learnt when our children leave for Year 7. As children are taught in mixed age classes, we have developed a carefully designed curriculum which covers a four-year cycle in KS2 and two-year cycles in both EYFS and KS1. Although children will be taught areas of learning at different times in this cycle, we ensure that skills are built upon from the youngest to the oldest children through carefully planned lessons and a knowledge of what has been taught before and what will be taught next. We aim to ensure that all of our children move quickly from learning to read to reading to learn and we foster a love of reading and books from the very beginning of Nursery, reading daily to our children and celebrating our own love of reading.

At St Michael’s CE Primary School, we want every child to be provided with a rich, ambitious and diverse curriculum and aim for every child to succeed!

Curriculum Policy

If you have any further questions or require more information about our curriculum and what is taught in each year group, then this can be found by phoning school on 016973 20632 or emailing on admin@bothel.cumbria.sch.uk