Newsletters 2023 - 2024

 Our newsletters come out every fortnight with information and dates for future events as well as celebrating the things we have done over the last two weeks in school. We will send them to you via email but we always place them here too so that you can look back and check anything you need to.

Summer 2024:

Newsletter 14th June 2024

Newsletter 24th May 2024

Newsletter 3rd May 2024

Newsletter 26th April 2024

Spring 2024:

Newsletter 1st March 2024

Newsletter 9th February 2024

Newsletter 19th January 2024

Newsletter 5th January 2024

Autumn 2023:

Newsletter 24th November 2023

Newsletter 10th November 2023

Newsletter 20th October 2023

Newsletter 6th October 2023

Newsletter 22nd September 2023

Newsletter 8th September 2023