The School Day

What happens each day at St Michael’s...

8:50 am - Children are welcome to start arriving from now and there is someone to supervise them outside on both playgrounds.

9:00 am - The bell rings and children line up to go inside to register and start the day.

9:05 am - Collective Worship (You might know this as assembly)

9:25 am - Phonics and spelling lessons in all classes

9:45 am - Literacy or Maths lessons in all classes

10:30 am - Break time

10:45 am - Literacy or Maths lessons in all classes

12:00 pm - Lunch time

1:00 pm - Reading time and afternoon lessons

2:15 pm - Afternoon break (this break time sometimes changes depending on what is happening during the afternoon sessions).

2:30 pm - Afternoon lessons and whole class story

3:30 pm - Home time